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row of men in suits with one highlightedWelcome to the InfoServer Awards Issue. Last month in our forecast issue, we invited suppliers and analysts to present their visions of the future. In this companion issue, we focus on the customer voice. We have chosen to do that by presenting annual awards to successful relationships. At InfoServer, we are always interested in presenting stories that illuminate productive, beneficial uses of outsourcing, believing that you, our readers, can learn more from successes than from failures. It is in this spirit we offer these awards.

At InfoServer, we see these awards as an extension of our mission to serve as your premier source of information on the outsourcing industry. In keeping with that goal, we take the selection of our award recipients very seriously. The process is painstaking, and the final decisions are based on the opinions of an objective panel of advisors who assist us in the selection.

Throughout the year, we accepted nominations from a variety of sources. Customers nominated other relationships they had been in contact with, analysts nominated relationships, and suppliers nominated their relationships that they feel have been especially beneficial to both parties. Then came an exhaustive process in which we researched each of the award nominations, interviewing both the supplier and customer in each nominated relationship. Content for the qualifying awards was sent to the objective panel for evaluation, and panel members then selected the seven award winners that we are pleased to present today.

At InfoServer, we hope that you will find the stories about these relationships and the successes they represent beneficial in structuring and managing your own outsourcing endeavors.

Peter Bendor-Samuel is president of Everest Group Inc. and editor of InfoServer.

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