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Dallas, Texas – Everest Group, a strategic sourcing advisory firm, continues to expand its international influence with the addition of a Canadian office. As a result of the high-level interest in outsourcing in Canada, the Everest Group has opened an office in Toronto, Ontario. The consulting firm has offices in Dallas, TX and in Sydney, Australia.

Everest Group decided to open an office to service Canada after completing a number of engagements over the past five years with many leading Canadian companies. Everest has served premier Canadian enterprises, such as, CIBC, ScotiaBank, Union Gas, Nortel, Canadian Pacific Railroad and Bank of Montreal facilitating outsourcing relationships.

“This office will help fuel the growth of outsourcing as a strategic business solution for companies in Canada,” says CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel. “In today’s competitive world, outsourcing is one of the best ways to create value in the buyer’s organization.”

Canadian native, Frank Koelsch, joins Everest as its President and CEO, Canada. Frank Koelsch has a track record of starting and growing successful businesses in Canada. He founded Gartner Group Canada in 1985 and led that organization through a rapid growth phase as Vice Chairman/President. While at Gartner, Mr. Koelsch grew the company to $20M and established himself as a prominent figure in the information technology and telecom industries. Koelsch also founded Information Access Inc., a software distribution company and has worked for The Royal Bank of Canada, Sears, Canada and Crowntek Inc. His role within these organizations has consistently focused on developing and implementing strategic solutions that targeted key business objectives.

Koelsch states that “IT and business process outsourcing are experiencing extraordinary growth in Canada. The new Canadian Everest Group presence allows Canadian companies to access the unique methodology and experience set of the US parent while being served and supported by highly-skilled local Canadian talent. Our objective is to engage all our energies and resources to help Canadian clients successfully develop, implement and govern outsourcing initiatives that deliver high business value.”

Everest has been a thought leader in outsourcing strategies since 1991 though the Outsourcing Center (www.outsourcing-center.com), a free online educational community about outsourcing. Outsourcing Center has launched a new site, www.outsourcing-canada.com, where readers can obtain research, articles and listings of events specifically about Canada to help them learn about outsourcing.

About the Everest Group: Everest Group is a strategic solution advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm’s consultants work with buyers and suppliers of services to develop and implement business strategies that bring them together in mutually beneficial ways. Since 1991, Everest has worked globally, structuring hundreds of relationships.

Everest has worked with a significant number of buyers and suppliers from a wide range of industries and countries. Everest has developed a substantial focus in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, distribution and financial services, in addition to the traditional information technology business.

Everest is the strongest advisory services firm in the subject of business process outsourcing, having assisted buyers and suppliers in developing outsourcing relationships in more than 30 business processes.

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