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Client: Large-scale firm in the global energy industry.

Objectives: Transform the finance and accounting (F&A) process to bring increased value to the firm. Goals include:

  1. improve clarity around working capital
  2. transform the firm’s ability to speed change so it impacts the bottom line quickly
  3. access to real-time data for decision-making.

Comment of Cynthia Erdman: “The results achieved in this transformation project include:

  1. 30%-plus savings around costs and working capital
  2. improved quality in service delivery through the combination of workout sessions through the life of the contract to eliminate any unnecessary work
  3. increase in the speed of change. The client does frequent acquisitions, and we’ve been able to cut the integration time for acquisitions down by 30%
  4. 70% reduction in closing cycle time, providing full, real-time financials to all business unit areas to enable effective decision-making.”

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