Unisys | Article

Client: A global financial services institution.

Initial Concerns: Aging IT infrastructure and need for best practices.

Results after Unisys’ business transformation solution: Increased agility and working capital, as well as leading-edge infrastructure and best practices.

Comment of Joseph McGrath: “There is a requirement in the life insurance business in the country in which this client is based that a portion of the total cost to execute underwritten policies be maintained as a reserve. The BTO solution we developed was industry-centric around this reserve challenge. We suggested the firm go through a major transformation the second they wrote the deal. This actually increased their spend at the outset but decreased it over the long haul, since they have new technology systems and infrastructure. The smaller the infrastructure cost to perform the work, the smaller the required reserve. This solution required transforming before stabilizing, and it could only be achieved with intimate knowledge of how the insurance industry works, including the regulatory agencies and the financials behind it.”

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