Case Study: (i)Structure | Article

Client: Large US-based retail firm.

Objectives: Increased market share.

(i)Structure’s BTO value proposition for this client: Scalable, reliable, secure IT infrastructure, including provision of cutting-edge technologies at lower risk and without incurring significant capital expenditure; expertise in aligning IT with corporate objectives, change management, and insight into optimizing customer-facing processes.

Results: The client had a multi-platform environment supporting its entire retail business, from merchandising to logistics. The retailer realized that its existing infrastructure would inhibit its growth objectives by negatively impacting the customer experience. The transformation focused on proactive measures, such as increasing customers’ processing power. (i)Structure’s work to resize the customer’s IT infrastructure has increased customer satisfaction by (a) reducing processing time from six hours to two hours, thus decreasing disruption to end users, and (b) increasing system performance. Moreover, the retail enterprise’s bottom line benefited from cost reduction in its IT infrastructure. Its top-line growth is now facilitated by (i)Structure’s transformation of the warehouse reporting functions that enable merchandising analysis; the company’s decision-makers now have insight into which products they should continue investing and the areas where they can increase value to customers.

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