A New Approach to Business Intelligence & Analytics | White Paper

White PapersDespite investments in data warehousing and ERP systems, most organizations struggle to make informed, responsive decisions based on their data. Typically, they lack visibility into their business. They also lack a structured predictive program of business intelligence and analytics that allows them to mitigate business risks and fully utilize the available data and draw insights from it.

Leading organizations worldwide now partner with proven experts to generate business intelligence, analytics, and deliver better business outcomes. This paper describes the benefits of outsourcing to establish a relationship-based approach to analytics, resulting in accelerating growth, mitigating risks, and lowering costs. It also discusses the implications to financial operations in such critical activities as Record-to-Report, Order-to-Cash, and Source-to-Settle and how it facilitates a single version of the truth. It further explains how the model lends itself to establishing a center of excellence.

It concludes with illustrations of an analytics model and end-to-end business intelligence framework for delivering data provisioning and reporting to provide the decision-making capabilities that world-class, forward-looking companies require.

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