Proactive Software Testing Speeds Time to Market | White Paper

White PapersPerhaps one of the most critical aspects of the software development lifecycle is software testing. Software testing serves myriad purposes and if done right, and done proactively, it can save a company time, money and headaches. It can help companies achieve deployment readiness on time, on budget and with fewer bumps along the way.

This paper presents the findings from a survey conducted by Wipro and Outsourcing Center that aimed to identify the trends and determine the future outlook of the software testing industry, as well as to gauge client expectations in the current economic climate. This paper also outlines the current quality assurance challenges, discusses current goals and objectives for the quality assurance function and talks about the software testing tools that are now available.

The white paper also outlines Wipro’s specialized service software testing offerings, which focus on deployment readiness for applications and products while also holding costs down and delivering functional assurance, improved quality and enhanced performance.

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