Top 6 Challenges To Managing Your Multi-Million Dollar Print Spend – And How to Address Them | White Paper

White PapersOrganizations outsourcing their procurement of such items as direct mail, packaging, point-of-sale materials, statements, and marketing collateral are enjoying 15-40% savings in their print spend. How is an outsourcer able to achieve this outcome for its clients?

This paper discusses the factors that govern pricing in the print industry and examines these factors by comparing how companies address each factor in an in-house solution as opposed to an outsourcing provider’s solution. The contrast between the two solutions clearly shows that an outsourcing partner can exploit various factors to a greater degree than an in-house organization. The outsourcing solution easily unlocks opportunities for significant savings in print spend, especially when the print spend for large organizations can range between $20m-$1bn.

Whether your organization has not yet addressed its print spend or has conducted some initiatives to initially address the challenges, this must-read paper explains how you can leverage an outsourcing provider’s solution to achieve meaningful savings.

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