Desktop Virtualization: 5 Steps to Success. | White Paper

White PapersThe client virtualization market is filled with hype, and it is difficult to have confidence in the future of any specific product or technology. This paper helps cut that hype and presents a roadmap for virtualization based on a well-planned solution and risk mitigation.

As desktop virtualization can potentially touch every aspect of the business operation, the benefits can be significant – but only if done properly. Desktop virtualization can be complex, and it also tests the boundaries of an organization’s tolerance for change. This paper discusses five steps to success, from the first stages of planning the solution to final prioritization of projects.

Along with discussions of the five steps, the paper presents questions with criteria to help your organization make the right decisions that will optimize your client computing environment. Following the valuable recommendations in this paper will ensure your virtualization solution considers the need of end users and other stakeholders, reduces costs, increases productivity and flexibility, and improves security and manageability of the computing environment.

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