Futureproofing Oracle Environments | White Paper

White PapersAdopting Oracle E-Business Suite is a key and strategic direction for a company; however, smart businesses understand that this is not a one-time event. It requires many decisions over a long period of time, ensuring that current business requirements are met as well as the ability to adapt to new and uncertain market and operational needs. Without implementing the solution in a manner that assures flexibility, it can become rigid, difficult to manage, and even become an operational obstacle rather than a competitive advantage.

This paper explains how to “future proof” the Oracle E-Business Suite solution so that your investment remains flexible and continues to drive ROI to your business. It begins by discussing 10 aspects that are the starting point for future proofing an Oracle environment.

It also cites industry surveys that reveal participants rated the Oracle E-Business solution low as far as being able to achieve their expected overall business benefits. The paper discusses five aspects involved in that low ranking, which a future-proofed solution will eliminate. It also presents five key steps of Centroid’s FUTUREPROOF Methodology (based on Centroid’s 13 years of experience in futureproofing Oracle environments). It also discusses Centroid’s “Success Accelerators” — its proprietary tools for implementing the solution with future proofing, thus extending the value of the solution investment. The paper includes a detailed case study of migrating from a legacy ERP system to the Oracle E-Business Suite.

This methodology discussed in this white paper is proven in its ability to lower IT costs, increase user and executive satisfaction, reduce business risks associated with the Oracle E-Business Suite, better align technology to the business, and increase productivity with fewer resources.

Whether your company is considering implementing the Oracle E-Business Suite or has already implemented the solution, ensuring success and achieving the anticipated ROI starts with considering the information presented in this white paper.

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