Six Keys to a Successful BPO Transition | White Paper

White PapersWhat strategies did eBay use to ensure its business processes could support the company’s fast growth? It faced a challenge in meeting eBay sellers’ expectations of instantaneous payment. eBay turned to outsourcing for a solution that would handle the exponential transaction accounting needs. The migration of this and other business processes to BPO provider Genpact was not without challenges. This white paper shares the lessons learned and best practices the companies’ learned during the transition to outsourcing. The paper provides insightful information about:

  • Removing blind spots
  • Managing change
  • Assessing organizational readiness for a BPO transaction
  • Anticipating risks
  • Building project-management infrastructure
  • Creating a governance structure

It also discusses how the parties defined success and how they measure it. Read this paper to learn how to avoid factors that often cause business problems during the outsourcing transition phase.

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