Document wastage. | White Paper

White PapersToday, all areas of business spending are under scrutiny. In most organizations, document production is riddled with inefficiencies and, therefore, costs increase. In addition, a sizable proportion of the cost of document output is unnecessary, but most organizations don’t know where that drainage on profit is occurring. Pitney Bowes’ research and modeling work estimates that European businesses wasted an aggregated €14.1 billion in 2008-09 due to lack of document output control.

This white paper first identifies the causes for the 40 percent increase in corporate print spend over the last few years. It then discusses a solution for effective document production and rightsizing document output operations, which will reign in costs. Based on a research study of multiple industries in Europe, the white paper also presents industry-specific estimates of potential cost savings through using this solution. It concludes with recommendations for starting-point steps and a checklist for organizations looking to reduce costs from unnecessary document output.

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