Guidelines for Maximizing Your Return on Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing (RIMO) | White Paper

White PapersWhy do some organizations achieve more value from outsourcing than others? The answer to this question – in a RIMO context – is the focus of this white paper.

Essentially, the buyer controls the amount of the ROI in a Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing (RIMO) arrangement because the buyer’s up-front decisions – before signing a contract – are contributors toward the ROI. Three areas of decision making put into play the potential value of RIMO and form the basis of the business case. While the three areas appear at first glance to be aspects of outsourcing that have been long understood, there are nuances in these areas that are specific to a RIMO context. This paper discusses the misconceptions as well as guidelines for these three areas of decisions.

Gartner predicted that, by 2012, 50 percent of the labor hours for global IT infrastructure service delivery for commercial businesses will shift from on-site support to remote delivery, and RIMO is quickly becoming a must-do strategy.

The paper shows how companies around the world are making decisions that result in increased value from their Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing arrangements. It also includes:

  • Principles involved in choosing a RIMO location
  • Four case studies that show how the selection of the provider impacts the benefits that companies achieves through RIMO
  • Kinds of service provider behaviors and “soft skills” that are crucial to success in RIMO
  • Key questions to ask and a checklist of recommendations for service provider selection criteria
  • Best practices in transitioning to RIMO

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