Positive Revenue Analytics in Freight Transportation: Delivering Bottom-Line Impact | White Paper

White PapersThe U.S. freight transportation industry is saddled with inefficiencies in addition to challenges such as volatile fuel cost, overcapacity, and driver retention. A major focus of the industry is preventing revenue leakage and missed revenue opportunities at the various stages of the order-to-cash cycle (billing, audit, rating, pricing, invoicing, and collections) as well as maximizing return from each shipment. This white paper

It presents an overview of the order-to-cash (O2C) cycle and showcases the revenue opportunities at various stages in the cycle. The paper includes a discussion on the identification of inefficiencies at different stages, how it could lead to incorrect revenue calculation, and the impact of such errors throughout the system.

The paper then explains MicroAnalytix™, EXL’s proprietary methodology for data analytics and modeling. It presents examples of companies that benefited from this solution and its approach to creating long-term, sustainable revenue enhancements. The solution includes enhancing efficiencies.

The paper walks readers through a comprehensive description of how to deliver bottom-line impact in the order-to-cash process through positive revenue analytics.

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