Driving Hospital Performance to the Next Level | White Paper

White PapersA hospital’s non-clinical activities make up 70-90% of its total processes. Optimizing these processes through adoption of alternative business models can significantly decrease costs and increase a hospital’s efficiencies across departments and functions.

Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, which have been highly successful in manufacturing, are now starting to be implemented in the healthcare industry. However, this process is not as straightforward in healthcare because of the sector’s complexities and non-deterministic flows, which make process optimization more difficult. Genpact has developed a “Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)” methodology which successfully utilizes Lean process optimization in hospitals.

This paper describes how using SEPSM with Lean increases effectiveness and efficiencies across the visit-to-cash cycle including areas such as door to diagnosis, lab to order, and diagnosis to disposition, and pre-operation to transfer out. It also presents examples of how SEPSM produced a significant return on investment in patient experience, supply management, and payments/cash management.

For more information on improving your Healthcare processes, please visit www.genpact.com/healthcare

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