Achieving World Class Effectiveness in the OTC Process – Even in Uncertain Economic Times | White Paper

Uncertain FutureRunning a world class Order-to-Cash (OTC) process can be a source of strategic advantage to organizations. A well run OTC process can enable organizations to increase their overall sales and profits, and improve the cash flow. However, OTC is a complex, multi-functional process and driving end-to-end improvements is quite challenging. As a result, companies typically end up taking a functional view and focus only on improving efficiency metrics, thus leaving significant money on the table.

This paper explains the importance of transforming the OTC process through taking an enterprise-wide view and focusing on effectiveness metrics. It presents an overview of Genpact’s OTC Smart Enterprise Processes (SEP) framework – the science of managing and improving business processes. The paper also includes key process insights and real-world examples of how companies have benefitted from this framework.

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