Expanding the Quality Assurance Function as a Cost Savings Strategy | White Paper

In this white paper, CDI IT Solutions discusses how outsourcing the software quality assurance process can provide significant cost savings, improve time to market, and increase customer satisfaction.

The paper focuses on the importance of addressing three dimensions of quality assurance: testing, process improvement, and compliance oversight. It highlights the goals in each dimension as well as the outcomes from achieving those goals. The paper also explains such factors as:

  • The benefits of a software defect prevention strategy as opposed to defect detection in testing
  • How metrics impact process improvement
  • Tools that help prevent or detect defects
  • How to reduce rework and improve time to market
  • A pitfall of compliance and oversight

In addition, readers will learn from this paper the cost of implementing the three dimensions of quality assurance as well as how to assess a company’s state of readiness to implement these dimensions.

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