The Evolving Role of the CFO: Dealing with the Winds of Change Demands True Agility | White Paper

The global economic events of the last few years presented what is now known as the “new normal.”In this context, there is a paradigm shift in the expectations stakeholders have of organizations and the CFO in particular, as he co-pilots with the CEO to navigate these new normal skies.

While cost and operational efficiencies continue to dominate the mind space, what Aditya Birla Minacs sees is that these traditional inward-looking aspects of a CFO’s job have given way to a whole new set of priorities. As owners of the end-to-end financial process, on one hand CFOs are expected to shoulder the burden of error-free functioning of the system while, on the other, they are also expected to balance these demands with the needs of the new age.

Keeping in mind these dynamics, this white paper from Aditya Birla Minacs reviews the evolution of the CFO’s role until now and identifies the developing expectations of the role. The paper also discusses some feasible steps a CFO can take to meet these demands.

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  1. Trey Goff says:

    These are great talking points for growing in today’s digital economy. It is also important that the CFO maintain a quality relationship with the public and chartered accountants who are part of the team too. We are starting to see a trend where issues come up which create difficulties because partner work is passed down to managers and quality suffers. This happened in the 1980s and caused problems for a lot of companies during the period when the “Big 8″ mergers created the “Big Four.”

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