Trade Promotion Management: Why Most Companies Fail and How to Avoid Being Victimized | White Paper

White PapersChanging consumer expectations and reduced consumer spending is causing CG companies major anxiety. Adding more precision to trade promotions management (TPM), therefore, has never been more important. Getting there will require TPM tools that, among other things, can integrate campaign information with in-store activity — and offer actionable recommendations in real time.

A new generation of TPM tools enable CG companies to launch new products and build brand in ways that can generate significant top-line gains This paper presents emerging trends in TPM solutions and discusses the reasons TPM projects fail (fyi: 45% of projects fail). Moreover, it provides proven best practices and tools for successful TPM automation, and how to evaluate a TPM solution. It concludes with a discussion of four key steps before implementing a TPM solution and best practices for getting started with a TPM initiative.

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