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The ever-increasing convergence of computers and telecommunication devices along with the emergence of extended multimedia communication services – richer, higher quality, ubiquitous, and context-aware while being affordable – are the primary driving forces behind the e-Mobility trend. The omnipresence of SMS and the surging adoption of smart phones have provided enterprises with several convenient mobile channels to engage consumers, improve customer service, reduce costs, and even drive revenue. Mobile banking, entertainment, and marketing are increasingly shaping the business paradigm shift to e-Mobility.

However, as the “mobilization” of enterprises grows from simple independent applications to more complex processes, a host of new challenges emerges.

Enterprises deliver mobility today in a highly dynamic and fragmented world of multiple devices, phone numbers, mailboxes, and security procedures, along with device-dependent interfaces and disjointed communication applications (such as telephony, e-mail, IM, and conferencing). This scenario becomes further complicated by the absence of a standard e-Mobility architecture – a multiplicity of platforms, tools, and approaches cumulates to huge complexities in functionality, thus raising some serious questions about data security.

Another area of concern is the highly distributed and varied back-end system that is pervasive in the enterprise. There is an urgent need for a heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture that can interact continuously with the environment while simultaneously enabling a smooth transfer and management of large amounts of data in a secure manner. A strong system integration that integrates wireless networks and linkages with the back end is also necessary to address the diverse needs of this market.

The answer to this dilemma is a flexible, channel-hosted business application platform.

Channel-hosted shared models – a seamless link

Network carriers and device manufacturers are increasingly adopting a hosted business platform that serves as a B2B mobility solution shop. This platform offers multi-device, cross-platform support covering a broad spectrum of devices including Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile, among others. The prebuilt adapters in the platform help connect to multiple back-office enterprise systems such as database connectors, Web service connectors, and custom-built connectors.

In a nutshell, it can serve as an intermediate link between users across locations and devices. This will increase the enterprise’s responsiveness and overall fluidity by enabling its workforce to access information anywhere and at any time. It can further help businesses save on their capital investment and cut operating costs by providing the necessary IT infrastructure while simultaneously extending support for the mobility solutions.

Such a platform will also enable telcos and device manufacturers to create and deploy superior value-dded services (VAS) in the enterprise mobile application space, and mobility solutions for any mobile, POS, or handheld wireless devices for enterprises and midsized customers across the domains.

Hosted e-Mobility solutions across industries

The channel-hosted e-Mobility platform will enable providers to offer customized solutions to enterprises across industries. In the extremely competitive and volatile financial industry, the hosted model applications and tools enable financial customers to meet the constant demands they face by ensuring seamless and effective communication with their clients. In addition, the platform provides immediate access to market data to stay abreast of developments. Other solutions include account summary, bill payments, fund transfer, etc. through devices as well as credit card processing service from smart phones.

In the healthcare industry, there is a lot of scope for mobile solutions in ensuring quality control and efficiency in clinical care environments where instant access to critical patient data and health records at all times can make a world of difference. Mobile solutions on a channel-hosted platform ensure seamless monitoring of production-line activity and quality-control reporting. Automated data collection through devices eliminates the manual recording and redundant entry of production data, thus enhancing accuracy and overall efficiency.

Cross-industry solutions on the channel-hosted platform enable e-Mobility customers to quickly and easily mobilize various application platforms through Sales Force Automation, SAP®, Siebel®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft® and Microsoft® CRM. This platform also can support business intelligence solutions that further allow customers to automate cumbersome processes and make better business decisions by accessing applications that can communicate directly with back-end ERP/CRM or SCM systems.


The channel-hosted B2B e-Mobility platform along with hosted mobility solutions can give enterprises the ultimate flexibility and control without boundaries. It allows for seamless business communications and supports a multiple device and heterogeneous, back-end enterprise application connectivity across geographies. With its secured and non-invasive approach, a channel-hosted business application platform can help businesses meet their requirements by adapting quickly in a dynamic mobile environment and taking full advantage of new opportunities to revolutionize the way they do business.

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