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Neusoft is the largest IT solutions and services provider in China and your premier BPO partner in China. To date, Neusoft has set up six software bases, eight regional headquarters, and a comprehensive marketing and service network in over 40 cities across China. In the global marketplace, we have also incorporated subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Europe and Middle East. Focusing on software technology, Neusoft provides industry solutions, product engineering solutions, related software products and platform, and services. Neusoft provides a wide range of services including IT consulting services, application development and maintenance, packaged application services, professional testing, performance engineering services and localization services, IT infrastructure services, IT education and training and business process outsourcing (BPO).

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation, Neusoft IT Service Co. Ltd. focuses on providing top-quality offshore BPO services to a worldwide customer base. We provide one-stop BPO services of various types in multiple languages to China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and America. Services include front-office outsourcing such as customer service, technical support, application support, and help desk, as well as back-office outsourcing ranging from HR outsourcing to Web content management. Our BPO services cover a wide range of industries such as IT, education, government, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail, and consumer products. With more than 20 international clients, Neusoft has become a well-known BPO service provider in China.

Service Lines

Contact Center Service: We provide a blended service that covers IT Helpdesk, Application Support, Customer Support and Product Support with various service channels including voice, Web, e-mail, and fax. All the services are included with delivery capabilities of 5X8, 7X12, and 7X24 to suit different customers’ needs. Neusoft is capable of providing multi-language support to global companies for their local support in Japanese, Korean, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and some other small languages in Southeastern Asia such as Bahasa, Thailand, Vietnamese, Malay, etc. Over the years, Neusoft has won the trust and satisfactions from a number of customers for excellence in call center support, and in 2006, Neusoft customer contact center was granted “China’s Best Contact Center Award.” Our technical support team is staffed with highly trained professionals with extensive experience in applications, network management, and technology operations. Our proven ability to scale rapidly, both in volume and skill sets, enables us to meet the top standard of customer service.

Back Office Service: We provide Finance and Accounting Outsourcing, Human Resource Outsourcing and Web Content Management.

  • Neusoft FAO can offer a unique and reliable service for our customers with profound domain knowledge and rich experience. Neusoft’s Global/Domestic Services Centers provides advanced infrastructure, with multil-level security and privacy controls, and failover redundancy to help ensure business continuity.
  • Neusoft’s HRO service aims to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in personnel management. Through our proprietary HR management platform and system Neusoft can customize our service to fit the client’s needs. Having partnered with a famous global HR consulting service provider, we are capable of offering an end-to-end HR total solution, from employee entry to exit. Neusoft is also the leading ESP (Education Service Provider) in China, which owns three Information Institutes and Training Bases. This also is the resource base from which we provide HRO services. With optimal quality management methodology and expertise, Neusoft HRO services help our customers enhance the operation efficiency and productivity.
  • Neusoft believes that Web content management must support the efficient creation and management of Web content, mechanize Web-related processes, distribute the right content in the right context, and continually improve overall service quality of our clients’ Web-based services. Furthermore, a 24/7 real-time service model can guarantee the prompt reaction/management of the Web content uploaded, thus to assure customer satisfaction. The services Neusoft provides have brought our clients substantial, measurable benefits, as well as quantifiable gains in quality and operational efficiency at significantly lower costs

Data Center Service: With state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, we provide a full spectrum of data center services from collocation to hosting to value-added services. Our data center is built up conforming to international standard, with redundancy for power and network connection, strict security control both for physical entries and network access. We support multiple platforms and diversified vendor hardware systems in our hosting service to meet customers’ requirement. We have our customer’s core system hosted in our data center, and monitoring, maintenance and application supports are conducted by our engineers to ensure high availability and service level.

IT Service: As a leading IT services and solutions provider in China, Neusoft has quickly become a leader in the IT managed services industry for the APAC region. Our domain expertise, strategically placed delivery centers, wholly owned IT Institutes, and innovative approach have enabled us to provide an IT-business integrated solution in multiple languages for our global clientele. As the single point of contact and accountability, Neusoft will reduce TCO and simplify delivery of our clients’ IT services

Distinctive Capabilities

  • Cross-Industry Experience. Neusoft Corporation currently has over 15,000 customers worldwide in virtually every industry. This rich experience allows Neusoft to understand and incorporate our partners’ industry-specific expertise.
  • Technological Know-How. We have accumulated a vast amount of IT experience through our worldwide partnerships and internal resources. We have an abundant number of engineers certified by Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, and Sun.
  • Advanced Infrastructure.
    Neusoft has top-notch infrastructure and a reliable platform.

Neusoft at a Glance

Founded in 1991
2009 revenues: US$596 million
Employees: 18,000
Service lines: Business processes, IT infrastructure, IT applications
Headquarters location:Henyang, China
China presence: 8 regional HQ, 7 Software Parks, 16 R&D Centers, 3 IT institutes, and a sales network covering 40+ cities across China
Global delivery centers: U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, India, Hungary, UAE, Finland

For More Information

Telephone: +86 411
Fax: +86 411 84832111
E-mail: [email protected]


  • ISO9001:2000
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005
  • CMMI (V1.2) Level 5
  • ISO/IEC27001:2005

Awards and Industry Recognition

  • Listed in the “Global Outsourcing Top 100″ for consecutive years, even in the Top 25 for the first time in 2007, and in 2010 was ranked No. 26 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)
  • Listed among the “Global Services 100″ and ranked No. 1 in the “Top 10 to Watch in Emerging Asian Markets” for consecutive years. In 2009, Neusoft entered the “Top 10 Best Performing IT Services Providers” and “Top 10 Leaders of Human Capital Development” published by U.S.-based magazine Global Outsourcing and neoIT.
  • Neusoft’s call center manager was awarded by CNCCA ‘China Best Contact Center Manager’ for five consecutive years starting in 2006
  • Neusoft’s call center service was awarded “Contribution Award of China 10-year Call Center Development” in 2007

Case Studies

  • We provide customer and technical support for a U.S. based global leader in information security & management solutions facing Japan and GCR consumers. By delivering the service, Neusoft helped the client to consolidate, simplify, and reduce cost for their global operations.
  • Neusoft employs Six Sigma analytical acumen and rigor to continually monitor, measure, and validate and, where needed, recalibrate the effectiveness of our talent-management programs. We apply science to people processes to allow for the eventual engineering of flexible and scalable Human Resource IT and management solutions. We are support a large global PC manufacturer with HR services.
  • We worked with a leader in IT Software and Services Provider for Level 1 – 3 support for its more than 10,000 employees located in China and abroad. For this client, Neusoft drives continuous improvement in quality as well as higher efficiency through process reengineering.

Neusoft Facilities

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