Trends in Government eHealth | White Paper

White PaperseHealth is a relatively recent healthcare practice that involves simplifying processes related to information, communication and transactions within and between healthcare institutions and professionals with the help of information and telecommunications technologies. Currently in practice in a handful of countries around the world, eHealth efforts can improve coordination and integration of healthcare delivery, empower individuals and families to effectively manage their own health and healthcare plan participation, and facilitate public health initiatives.

This white paper reports on findings from an Outsourcing Center-Wipro study that examines current trends and approaches to government eHealth initiatives of organizations around the world and includes a discussion of the myriad benefits eHealth offers healthcare providers and medical facilities.

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  1. Zvi L says:

    The tools are powerful and when reconciled with privacy and transparency standards in the regions where the programs are implemented, will gain even more market traction.

  2. Tom T says:

    The president of the Cleveland Clinic has said that in the US, health care represents 20 percent of the GDP. This is a tremendous market share and it can only grow.

  3. Jose says:

    Well, Tom Foremski over at Silicon Valley insider just wrote a piece on how Hispanics in US aren’t getting the quality care they think they need and mentioned that there are issues surrounding interview process with providers that need to simple down questioning to conform to eHealth perameters. Perhaps there needs to be adjustments depending on verbal and non-verbal skills presenting medical information.

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