Exploring the Green Supply Chain | White Paper

Green supply chain, green fieldImplementing best practices in green supply chain management can lead to considerable gains in efficiencies, competitive advantage, and the bottom line.

Wipro and Outsourcing Center conducted a survey to examine the attitudes and approaches to green supply chain management of organizations across various industry segments. This white paper presents survey findings in such aspects as cost reduction, regulatory compliance, scope of green initiatives, green initiative prioritization, budget constraints, perceived benefits, and other factors associated with green supply chain management.

The paper also includes examples of green supply chain initiatives and benefits achieved by three companies that are leaders in the financial institutions, logistics, and manufacturing industries.

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  1. Ganesha says:

    Green means different things in different cultures and political environments. It is different in Estonia than in Ecuador,and even in the US there are green areas and other regions who think green is the invention of liberal elites. In Europe like the US, green anything is seen as adding value, but driving costs up.

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