Leveraging the Service Desk to Control the Cost of IT Non-conformance | White Paper

LookingforsolutionsIn most organizations, a considerable amount (often 40 percent) of the IT budget is tied up in non-conformance-related projects – fixing things that were not done right the first time. A traditional help desk actually promotes non-conformance by taking a narrow view of a user issue and focusing on mitigating the symptoms instead of true problem resolution.

A “true” service desk takes a more comprehensive and end-to-end perspective. By identifying the root cause of user incidents and improving IT processes, a service desk can reduce non-conformance costs.

This paper discusses a framework for understanding IT non-conformance and the drivers of those costs. It then contrasts the modern service desk with the traditional help desk, illustrating the benefits of the modern service desk in each area of cost drivers. The paper shows how a modern service desk built around HDI and ITIL principles can help an organization shift from tracking problems to preventing them.

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  1. Ted K. says:

    This is a classic. Jet lagged managers flying back and forth 26 hours each way to rectify situations that crop up when the “A Team” that is contracted don’t show up and the “C Team” does.

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