Ten Megatrends Transforming the Retail Landscape | White Paper

white-papers3The retail landscape is forever altered by the escalating demands of the Millennial generation, social media, mobile communications and more. This dramatic shift is driving the need for a radically different shopping experience. Cognizant has compiled shopper data from over 2,000 shoppers to reveal the most important retail challenges and opportunities ahead to help you plan now for the vastly different future ahead.

Find out more in this paper about:

  • Essential elements of “the integrated store”
  • The challenges and opportunities of integrated channels
  • Meeting the expectations of fast-emerging and highly demanding “mobile shoppers”
  • The “new influencers” and how they will change who you hire, what you produce and how you provide service
  • Using social media to develop relationships with your customers and develop products and services that consumers really want

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  1. Tabitha says:

    Radically different shopping experience for the Milennials, yes. But grounded in business-to-business values, probably not. Look what happened to the 72 hour disaster when the GAP, who are reaching out to the Mills, changed their logo and image in November or October to a more b-2-b look. They turned tail and went back to the old one. Millions and millions spent.

  2. Ted says:

    In India, Brazil and Russia there is also the emergence of open source mobile and hand held options that may not be as slick as what one finds in New York or LA but capable of mobile buying and banking for emerging G-20 consumers.

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