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NIITtechNIIT Technologies Inc is a publicly held global IT services company operating in 14 countries and certified at highest process and security levels. It focuses on Insurance, Travel, Logistics & Hospitality, Financial Services, Media and Healthcare in North America. It is ranked as the third best outsourcer in the world by Data monitor Black Book survey, the largest investigation with customers using outsourcing on all key parameters. It also has top honors in other verticals it serves.

NIIT Technologies became an independent organization in 2004, after spinning off from NIIT Ltd., India’s Global Talent Development Corporation which was established in 1981 with an objective to bring people and computers together, it has been heralded by independent media as a key catalyst for India’s IT growth.  NIIT Technologies has made strategic acquisitions and joint ventures to boost its offerings in its chosen verticals like the acquisition of German-based Softec Gmbh, a specialist revenue accounting and operation solutions provider addressing the airlines segment and ROOM Solutions of the UK, a leading player in the commercial Insurance market. Very recently NIIT Technologies entered into a (60:40) joint venture with Georgia – based media company Morris Communications. The new joint venture – NIIT Media Technologies – will offer integrated IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) services in North America.

Customers of NIIT Technologies have spoken in independent media and conferences on the association decision with NIIT citing high touch account management, superior service delivery, flexible contracts and ability to constantly reduce cost and increase productivity as the key parameters. The company is co-founded by Rajendra Singh Pawar, co-founder and Chairman of NASSCOM (India’s IT trade body) and Padma Bhushan (India’s third highest civilian honor).

Service Lines

NIIT Technologies focuses on the well-defined industry verticals of:

  • Insurance
  • Travel, Transportation and Logistics (Hospitality)
  • Financial Services
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Retail

Financial Services:

  • Data security, compliances
  • Legacy maintenance and modernization
  • New product lines
  • IT Application support and maintenance
  • IT Infrastructure support


NIIT Technologies has been servicing the Insurance Industry for over 17 years. The black book report has ranked NIIT Technologies as number 2 in the Insurance Industry. It contributes 33% to NIIT’s consolidated revenues.

  • Channel and Customer Interface Solutions
  • Core Systems, Legacy Modernization
  • Enabling core Insurance Business Processes
  • Regulatory Compliance and Tax Environments
  • Intellectual Property-Solutions and Solution Accelerators
  • Value Added Services

Travel, Transportation and Logistics:

Data monitor Black Book Report has ranked NIIT Technologies # 1 in the Travel Industry three times in a row. It has end-end business solutions in this space.

  • Airlines and Travel Distribution
  • Airports
  • Surface Transport and Logistics
  • Hospitality

NIIT Healthcare:

NIIT Technologies has launched an all-new Healthcare Division based in Orlando, Fla.

With a core philosophy focused on helping healthcare providers bridge the care gap, its products and services are designed to address continuity of care, which ultimately – and definitively – results in better clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and improved physician loyalty.

The two products offered by this division are Preferr and MASH. Preferr is a SaaS-based electronic health records and referral management platform. By enabling a seamless collaboration between all providers – physician practices, hospitals, outpatient and diagnostic facilities, and laboratories – Preferr improves continuity and quality of care for the patient and improves physician connectivity.  M A S H (Manage, Analyze, Sustain, and Harness) is a one-of-a kind industry framework that connects the patient, the physician and the provider on a common technology platform. M A S H delivers various applications to transform the patient experience at different interaction touch points. The Check-in application on MASH reduces the check-in time by 80%.

NIIT Media Technologies:

NIIT Media Technologies (NMT) was formed by the joint venture between NIIT Technologies and Morris Communications. It is the world’s first solutions and services firm to provide media companies with comprehensive, media industry-specific, business and IT solutions and both front- and back-office operations delivery. With a track record of nearly 100 years of media industry, business process and technology expertise, NMT helps media companies enhance their operational efficiency, reduce their operating expenses and increase their revenue. NMT’s core offerings include:

  • End-End Business Process Delivery
  • Advertising and Sales Management Solutions
  • IT and Business Consulting

Distinctive Capabilities

  • Focus – work in very few verticals, have long client relationships – some contracts are over 15 years
  • Flexible Contracts – business client’s way
  • Management focus – senior management a part of steering committee review in all strategic accounts
  • Future proofing the business – NIIT’s group company is one of the largest IT education service providers and largest in Asia, NIIT can build comprehensive, highly efficient ecosystem to support your IT and Business process needs. Many clients have successfully leveraged this model.
  • Onsite Datacenter and Call Center – superior Disaster Recovery and true best shore offering

NIIT Technologies at a Glance

  • Revenues: 280 Mn in 2010-2011
  • Employees: 6200
  • Verticals Globally: Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Travel, Logistics and Hospitality, Media, Healthcare
  • Service lines: Application Development Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Packaged Implementation, BPO
  • Headquarters location: Atlanta, GA in North America and New Delhi in India
  • Data Center and Call Center in US: Augusta, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia

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  • ISO 9001:2000
  • SEI CMM Level 5
  • CMMi Level 5
  • ISO 27001

Awards and Recognitions

  • NIIT Technologies Ranked No.1 globally among IT Outsourcers in Travel Industry Survey and #2 in Financial Services and Insurance, Datamonitor Black Book of Outsourcing 2010 survey
  • Ranked No. 3 globally amongst 1800 IT outsourcers in Data monitor Black Book of Outsourcing 2010 survey, largest investigation with clients using outsourcing
  • NIIT Technologies was ranked among top 3 globally by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in the 2010 ASTD ‘BEST’ Awards.
  • Novarica 2011 – Market Navigator (leading P&C provider for Insurance market)
  • Ranked amongst Top 20 IT Outsourcing Vendors, ranked globally by the Global Services Survey 2010.
  • Ranked amongst Top 10 Emerging ADM Vendors, ranked globally by the Global Services Survey 2010.
  • Ranked amongst top 7 service providers in Gartner’s Industry research report in 2010 ”Seven Vendors Dominate the European Market for General Insurance Policy Administration Systems”
  • NIIT Technologies receives the “National Award” for innovation in career development by the Global HR Excellence Awards at the Global HRD Congress 2010
  • NIIT Technologies was amongst the Top 100 IT organizations ranked globally by IAOP. Best 20 in Financial Services and Insurance (no ranking), Best 5 in Travel 2009-2010
  • Recognized amongst the top 50 IT Innovators for the year 2009 and 2008 by NASSCOM
  • Awarded the Distinguished Services Award for their initiatives and efforts in promoting business with USA by Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education & Research

Case Studies

NIIT Technologies’ Slogan

“Best and Big Enough”

Existing customers have independently ranked us to be the most significant and focused partner providing superior services, meeting and exceeding agreed deliverables, hence providing highest customer satisfaction in independent surveys.


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