Welcome to this edition of BPO Thought Spot — providing you with meaningful thought leadership on the latest trends, innovations and practices in the outsourcing space.

The world of outsourcing is evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s business.

What began as a method of achieving labor arbitrage is transforming into a dynamic way for companies to gain agility, enter new markets quickly and compete more effectively. Outsourcing saves money, that’s true, but with the right partner, it can deliver so much more.

This issue is packed full of articles that illustrate this point. Here are just a few examples of the emerging trends you’ll read about in this publication:

  • The concept of Vertical BPO and how this growing trend enables companies to
    deal with everything from regulatory compliance and reporting to rapid geographic expansion
  • How the objectives for BPO are changing – moving from a single focus to something more inclusive, where multiple objectives can be met
  • The use of BPO as a revenue generator
  • New pricing models, like transaction-based pricing and where these bring the greatest benefit
  • Front office transformation through analytics, and how this adds value
  • Back office transformation through the application of Wipro’s Base)))TM technology

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