Monetizing Disaster Preparedness | White Paper

Being Prepared Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Eighty percent of companies without well-conceived data protection and recovery strategies go out of business within two years of a major disaster.

What do Hurricane Katrina, a burn-your-building-to-the-ground fire, and the great San Francisco earthquake have in common with employee turnover or a simple computer crash? Lots. All could severely cripple your business if you aren’t prepared.

Companies can be reluctant to pursue comprehensive disaster preparedness because of the perceived cost; however, a monetizing approach to being prepared can actually provide real return on their investment.

This white paper shifts the conventional thinking of disaster preparedness from being a cost (mitigating risk) to an investment (strategy for growth and future capacity). It presents illustrative case studies of companies that have done just that. It also includes the six questions to ask to make sure you are prepared for a disaster, large or small.

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