F&A Outsourcing Drivers | White Paper

Financial images in woman's handChief Financial Officers are confronted with three major challenges today: fluctuations in the global economy; a stringent regulatory environment with increased focus on risk and compliance and complexities in business processes and the data boom that demand huge investments in technology and analytics.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) has emerged as a solution that can address all three challenges. The ‘once cautious’ CFOs have realized the benefits of outsourcing and are now turning enthusiastic about outsourcing their processes. However, the CFO’s demands today are evolved and much ahead of cost arbitrage alone. Today CFOs are looking at solutions that are specific to industry demands and providers that are mature and are able to tailor solutions specific to industry needs.

Outsourcing Center and WNS conducted a survey targeted at major F&A stakeholders from companies from the Americas to Asia Pacific to determine the current FAO landscape. The survey results:

  • Ferreted out the biggest FAO challenges
  • Predicted FAO’s evolution
  • Highlighted buyer needs
  • Explained the expectations of FAO providers
  • Discovered the buyers’ top FAO choice

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