Telecom Buyers’ Guide

Telecom Buyers GuideTelecom is short for “telecommunication,” which has its roots in two words and two languages:

Tele,” from the Greek, means “distant,” and “communicatio is a Latin word that means “connection.”

However, the process this simple term describes is far from simple to implement and purchase. For most corporate customers, great telecommunications services alone will not cause their businesses to succeed. But terrible telecommunications services can certainly cause their businesses to fail.

The old adage caveat emptor still applies when purchasing network services, especially when the annual tab can be millions of dollars. In an effort to guide you through this complex process, we have assembled this handbook to assist you in understanding your legacy services, as well as present new opportunities to optimize your current telecommunications. Our handbook walks you through the steps needed to source these services and also reviews the process of vendor selection—not only for your needs today but also projecting ahead for what you will need three to five years from now.

You will learn how to:

  •  Compare and understand telecom carrier services
  • Understand telecom carrier pricing
  • Evaluate telecom carriers’ RFP responses
  • Assess telecom carrier services options
  • Understand telecommunications technologies

This is an industry that is known for its jargon. So we created:

  •  A glossary of terms so you can understand the telecom vocabulary
  • A summary of all of the telecom services currently available in the marketplace
  • An overview of trend insights
  • A contract process checklist

These are things every telecom services buyer needs.

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