Transforming Service Organizations to Next Generation Operations | White Paper

Blue butterflyService organizations at manufacturing companies are rapidly evolving. This white paper charts how service organizations can transform themselves into a next generation operation, undergoing a metamorphosis from cost center to profit center.

The survey found manufacturers expect their service operations to improve their relationships with their customers and even serve as a differentiator. This is crucial in a hyper-competitive economy. Improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty were top considerations.

One of the best ways to do this is to do a better job of analyzing customer data. The survey demonstrated manufacturers have to do a better job of amalgamating the information gleaned from things like customer surveys and their CRM, social media and the machines themselves to present a clear view of true customer needs.

The survey underscored the reliance on technology to take the organization to a higher level. That included remote monitoring and communication, mobility and the cloud.

Finally, the results highlighted the growing importance of the service operations. It predicted the service organization leadership may soon report to the CEO.

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