How to Save $60,000 in Interest Expense in Just One Day | Webinar

Envelope postal serviceWill Changes in the US Post Office Kill Your Receivables? Can you save $60,000 in Interest Expense in Just One Day?

Did you know…

  • For every $1 million a business can get one day faster, it can save $60,000 a year in interest expense?
  • Despite the rise of electronic payments, US Mail paper payments still comprise 40-60% of the total?
  • Your cash cycle is being negatively impacted by the very same “efficiencies” the Postal Service is implementing across the US?

In this fast-paced educational session, you’ll learn the right metrics to measure and monitor your cash conversion cycle and accounts receivable payment strategy. You’ll hear what the Postal Services’ changes—which includes the closing down of hundreds of offices—means to your cash flow and what you can do about it.

Discover best practices to empower you to set realistic, attainable targets to improve your cash flow and learn how much one day’s delay can actually cost you.


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