Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud: A SMAC in the Face for Industrial-Age Business Models

Boxing glove hitting man's faceIt’s no secret that our mobile devices and social networks are rapidly transforming our relationships with people and data.

Analytics have driven customer intimacy to previously impossible levels; the cloud has irrevocably changed the way we store and share information. A report from Forrester Research declares that by 2016, we will have 10 billion mobile device users on the planet. It adds that Twitter usage jumped more than 60 percent in just one year (2011-2012) to 161 million users. At that point, there were also close to a billion active users on Facebook. Additionally, according to Forrester, the cloud market will shoot from $41.7 billion in 2011 to nearly $241 Billion in 2020—or almost 500 percent growth in just 9 years—all of which begs the questions:

  • How can we manage to meet the ever-expanding data storage requirements?
  • How can we employ analytics to filter what we need from such a vast storehouse of data?
  • How can we stay ahead of the business transformation curve?

Lower the total cost of ownership of hardware and software—by managing it all in the cloud.

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