Gain Transparency and Control in a Multi-sourced Environment with Enterprise Service Management

EMS, transparency.The proliferation of cloud and new, agile technologies have ushered in the era of multi-sourcing; fundamentally changing the traditional IT landscape into a new world order. Instead of going all-in with a single IT partner, many companies are taking the “strength in numbers” approach, working with a multitude of best-of-breed and specialty providers instead of just one or two.

While this model brings the opportunity to customize an IT service offering, it also brings a significant challenge—namely, fragmentation—and the inability to get a cohesive view of your enterprise.

So, how can companies gain the same kind of visibility they had when they had one or two providers, now that they have 100? How can they bring multiple services into a single view, with the consolidated data and business intelligence they need?

The answer is Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

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