Infosys realigns R&D division

BENGALURU: Infosys is realigning its R&D arm, Infosys Labs, to bring sharper focus to service lines and support differentiated platforms and solutions.

In the new structure, Infosys Labs will be decentralized to create solutions for its clients cutting across various service lines. The differentiated platforms group within Labs will report to the platforms group head Abdul Razack, while the IP cell will move to the legal team.

When TOI contacted Infosys on the matter, the company’s spokesperson said, “As part of the realignment of our organizational structure, Infosys Labs is being reorganized to drive greater innovation and value to the service lines and platforms that they support. This is being done to enhance the synergy between the work being done at the various centres of excellence and the offerings that we are taking to our clients.”

The company will retain the 200-odd employees at Labs.

Labs was established 15 years ago to create technology solutions for large, multi-disciplinary problems. The division had a team of 600 professionals in 2013, but that came down to 200 following a decision — when N R Narayan Murthy returned briefly as executive chairman — to move most people to verticals and delivery-based roles. The then head of the division, Subrahmanyam Goparaju, quit the company towards the end of 2013. The division has not had a head since then.

The latest move follows a major restructuring that CEO Vishal Sikka did last month. Delivery, that was previously associated with different industry verticals, was reorganized around seven service lines, including digital integration services, application development & maintenance, and engineering services.

Hansa Iyengar, IT analyst in London-based research firm Ovum, said the move might allow greater collaboration between the different units while also positioning Labs in a way that it could leverage skills from across the company. “Also, having insights into the actual business use-cases and potential revenue impact will also help in brining greater clarity around the applicability of the ‘latest and greatest’ that comes out of Labs,” he said.

Sudin Apte, CEO of IT research firm Offshore Insights, said, “The move is an attempt to decentralize and make it a more meaningful entity after it was de-emphasized and dramatically scaled down.”

Source: The Times of India

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