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Getronics, CompuCom Partner to Lead New Global Workspace Alliance

Strategic partnership will work with leading local IT players to deliver first-in-class service and innovative workspace solutions to GWA global customers

CompuCom Systems Inc., a leading technology infrastructure services company, and Getronics, the global ICT services group, announce a long-term partnership to lead the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA).

As part of a new global strategy, the Alliance will provide a new and comprehensive suite of services for its partners to take to market, providing end users with leading-edge, global workspace solutions.

Getronics and CompuCom have been collaborating for months to re-architect and deliver a forward-looking portfolio, in addition to partnering with local champions across the world to support global businesses as they continue to grow and evolve in better enabling digitally savvy and mobile workforces.

The Global Workspace Alliance will continue to deliver a rich portfolio of services including: on-site and remote support services, a comprehensive service desk solution supporting 22 languages, data center support, networking and security. In addition, to meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce, the Alliance is expanding the portfolio to deliver enhanced core workspace methodologies developed by CompuCom and Getronics, respectively:

  • Persona Service Management: a CompuCom workspace modeling methodology and suite of services that includes a unique set of tools to better align IT with the needs of the business and end users.
  • Proactive workspace solutions: a Getronics technology solution that proactively preempts and resolves issues in the background before they impact end users.

Thomas Fetten, Chief Operating Officer at Getronics, comments: “The partnership reconfirms our commitment to further growing the Getronics group and our ambition for the GWA to become the partner of choice in the international ICT market. In the 12 months since implementing these changes, the GWA has seen its orders increase three-fold and expects the new services to deliver continued growth in the years ahead.

“In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape, businesses rely on IT to become more agile, operationally efficient, innovative and customer-focused. At the same time, they’re facing increased pressure to expand internationally whilst keeping costs down. Our mission is to support global companies as they transition toward an increasingly mobile, connected and secure global workspace environment, enabling them to achieve their objectives by empowering satisfied and efficient employees.”

Bill Bancroft, SVP and Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services, Global Service Operations at CompuCom, comments: “We’ve worked closely with Getronics to greatly enhance the structure and processes of the GWA with a view to delivering a comprehensive end-user experience, regardless of geography. The Global Workspace Alliance brings together experienced and forward-thinking IT providers who have a passion for global business. We look forward to providing our clients with the solutions they need to deliver the best possible service to their employees, clients and prospects.”

The new Alliance has also expanded the GWA’s commercial and operational presence in Latin America, through joint collaboration between strategic members, Tecnocom and Connectis, which is part of the Getronics group.

As part of the process, the Alliance leads have strengthened their relationship with French-Swiss partner SPIE, and continue to on-board new partners across 90 countries, including Eire Systems in Japan, NSC in Italy, AGCN in the Middle East and Centric in the Netherlands, among many other local market leaders.


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