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Reduce COGS with Dynamic Discounting

Reduce COGS with Dynamic Discounting

Although 80% of companies place a lot of emphasis on capturing early payment discounts, research shows that only 27% are able to capture all the discounts available, for various reasons such as: Companies may be unable to process invoices fast enough Organizations may not be able to conduct the spend analysis necessary to maximize discount […]

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Who Ya Gonna Call to Know Your <b>Actual </b> IT Infrastructure Costs? | Article

Who Ya Gonna Call to Know Your Actual IT Infrastructure Costs? | Article

At PPG Industries the IT infrastructure group funds each IT department. It used a home-grown, internal system to determine its IT costs. “It wasn’t a black hole, but it wasn’t detailed enough,” says Denise Vay, senior IT finance manager. And it was costly to maintain. The infrastructure group was spending a lot of time trying […]