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When the Government Comes Calling | Article

Raymond Angus

This question is important to the solvency of any organization, but it is crucial to those companies doing business with the federal government, says George Phares, President of Strategic Direction Resource, Inc. For seven years, Phares’ company, based in Houston, Texas; has specialized in auditing human resources for federal contractors. Why, you may ask, do human resources need auditing? Because once a year, each federal contractor is required to file a compliance report with the government…

The Numbers On The Blackboard Add Up For ASPs | Article

Raymond Angus

Research on the Deployment/Hosting and Integration of Business Critical Information Systems through Applications Service Providers (ASPs) by Professor Wendy Currie has borne out well the value of numbers. The focus of her study covers essentially Europe and the famed Silicon Valley in the U.S., but soon the research will expand into Australia. She defines her work as an overall view of the development of the ASP industry…

An Outsourcing Relationship In Motion | Article

Raymond Angus

In the everyday world of Ecommerce, selective awareness can be a disconcerting challenge to businesses presenting themselves, or their wares, via a website on the Internet. BUT…the truth of it is, this affords any company the opportunity to distance itself from the legions of other sites on the Internet! This is the belief of Jon Pierre Francia, CEO of Mov’n Pictures, Inc. based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. His company (MPI) specializes in animation, film and video for a client list that includes some of the largest advertising agencies in the world…

What Web (Sites) We Weave | Article

Raymond Angus

Innovation, creativity and individualism are the siren songs of this strapping birth child of the marketplace, appropriately dubbed ecommerce. Capturing attention on the Internet, and translating that curiosity into positive action, is the role played by a new breed of creative, outsourcing professionals; they are the web site developers. The manner in which a company presents itself on the World Wide Web can be a make or break decision. According to Mike McFarlane of Kiora, it’s not a decision that should be made hastily. He adds, it can lead the unwary into uncharted waters with a lot of hidden rocks! Professional web design help should be sought.

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