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Each quarter during 2013, Outsourcing Center will publish a new Buyers’ Guide that delivers the vital content, insights and best practices buyers of sourcing services need to know. Each Guide is no cost and can be downloaded when available below.Q1 – CloudDOWNLOAD NOW!
Publish Date: 4/8 Description – 78 pages, written by Outsourcing Center’s cloud experts, this special edition Buyers’ Guide provides comprehensive and authoritative best practices regarding buying Cloud services including how to evaluate Cloud services, determine Cloud service best-fit, how to price Cloud services and how to select the right Cloud vendor.
Q2 – Telecom CarrierAVAILABLE NOW!
Publish Date: 6/20 Description – 70 pages+, in-depth and hard-hitting guide on locating, determining and selecting a telecom carrier. Discusses key ideas around vital evaluation areas, carrier performance attributes, SLAs guidance, pricing strategies and determining what defines true carrier network value. Includes charts, graphs, tables and vocabulary definitions.Q3 – Best Practices High Yield Buyer/Provider Relationships
Publish Date: 09/30 Description – 50 pages+, Based upon 100’s of real buyer /provider relationships, discusses the common attributes of high performance b/p relationships, best practice relationship models, diagrams key relationship milestones and presents specific steps to be taken to establish and maintain a high performance b/p relationship. Includes charts, graphs, tables and vocabulary definitions.

Q4 – Best Practices Market Pricing & Benchmarking
Publish Date: 11/26 Description – 50 pages+, Defines and presents the best practices to ITO and BPO pricing. Discusses the various elements comprising pricing, how market-based pricing differs from cost or survey pricing and the various roles market price benchmarking can play in developing a strategic and high ROI pricing model for buyers. Includes charts, graphs, tables and vocabulary definitions.

Buyer Guide Audience: Buyers of sourcing-related services. Ad Space: Full, half and quarter page runs are available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Contact us for the latest availability.

Pricing: Pricing varies with basic sponsorship, full /partial page ads and multi-page ads.

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Telecom Buyers Guide
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