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10 Lesser-Known Virtual Assistant Features You Should Be Using

In all corporate fields, smart virtual assistants enhance company reputation and reduce the workload of customer service representatives. Since artificial intelligence has advanced these solutions from GPT to realistic digital humans, they have entered an innovative phase of advancement.

This blog will aid you with the techniques and challenges of developing virtual assistants based on our expertise should you decide to design a new, creative product that is motivated by these instances. Your own AI assistant could aid you in differentiating yourself from the competition with careful strategy and execution, so let’s get begun!

Voice Commands Beyond Basics

A virtual assistant’s capacity to comprehend and carry out voice commands is its key feature. Modern virtual assistants are capable of far more than just delivering messages and creating reminders; they can also comprehend complex contextual commands. It allows individuals to have more conversational requests and participate in real conversations. The user experience is improved by this natural language processing capacity, which makes communicating with virtual assistants seem simpler and natural.

The age of tight command structures is long gone. With their increasing ability to comprehend conversational context, virtual assistants enable more natural and engaging conversations between individuals. For example, if an individual asks, “What about tomorrow?” in response to a weather query, the virtual assistant will automatically recognize the question and provide relevant information.

Personalization Features

Virtual assistants have proven that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution by providing extensive customizing options. People may customize responses and choices and even look at their virtual assistant to fit their specific requirements. By personalizing the virtual assistant with features like changing the wake word, selecting a favorite language, and altering the voice tone, individuals can make the assistant really represent their tastes and individuality.

When a virtual assistant is prompted to listen, personalization starts with the very wake word. Customers may now personalize their wake word, giving their virtual assistant experience a little more uniqueness. The wake word establishes the tone for a specially tailored engagement, whether it’s a nickname, a favorite word, or even a personalized command.

Virtual assistants now provide customers with the option to select from a range of voices and tones, emphasizing the diversity of individual tastes. The option to alter the virtual assistant’s voice feature improves the user experience. It makes the conversation more approachable and nicer, regardless of your preference for a calm, professional tone or an energetic, informal one.

Advanced Task Automation

The days of using virtual assistants just for texting or setting alarms are long gone. Individuals may now automate complicated operations and build complex workflows with advanced task automation. Virtual assistants are now skilled in managing a variety of tasks, optimizing workflows, and saving significant amounts of time. Examples of these tasks include organizing meetings according to your calendar availability and operating smart home gadgets in a certain order.

With one simple command, individuals may now automate and manage a variety of devices due to virtual assistants’ easy integration into the smart home ecosystem. With the ability to control smart home automation with voice commands, virtual assistants can now do anything from lock doors and change lights and thermostats to create a relaxing atmosphere and manage the whole house.

Scheduling and calendar optimization are included in advanced task automation. Virtual assistants are capable of calendar analysis, priority evaluation, and appointment scheduling suggestions. In addition to managing schedules, individuals can depend on their virtual assistant outsourcing to automatically reschedule appointments that conflict with one another, guaranteeing a smooth and well-organized day.

The days of sorting emails manually are long gone. These days, virtual assistants can handle emails well, sorting through them, setting priorities for crucial messages, and even creating responses according to the customer’s taste. Individuals can keep on top of their email without having to deal with the headache of manual sorting due to this level of automation, which also saves time.

Integration with Third-Party Apps

Virtual assistants now easily connect with a wide range of third-party apps in order to fully maximise their usefulness. Virtual assistants function as key hubs, connecting individuals with a wide range of services, whether they are ordering food, scheduling a trip, or checking the most recent news on your favorite social networking site. The virtual assistant becomes an essential tool for traversing the digital environment as a result of this integration, which also increases comfort.

With the help of virtual assistants, individuals can easily maintain and engage with their social media accounts, making them socially adept partners. Virtual assistants allow users a hands-free and efficient way to social media engagement, from publishing updates and monitoring alerts to starting voice-activated searches for current topics.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Settings

The issue of security and privacy is growing along with the digital environment. In response, virtual assistants have included advanced security features such as encryption methods and biometric authentication. Now, individuals may benefit from a virtual assistant without risking the safety of their private information, guaranteeing a private and safe online experience.

Virtual assistants increasingly include biometric authentication alternatives, like voice recognition or fingerprint verification, for improved safety. As a result, confidential data is protected, and only authorized users are able to carry out certain commands. The virtual assistant services become a personalized and safe portal to user-specific data when biometric characteristics are included, adding an extra level of security.

Virtual assistants may be readily integrated with two-factor authentication (2FA) techniques to provide an additional layer of protection. This guarantees that if a user’s login credentials get compromised, an extra authentication step—like a verification code sent to a reliable device—is required to prevent unauthorized access.

Location-Based Services

These days, location-based services are added to virtual assistants to improve their contextual awareness. This enables them to offer information relevant to a certain region, such as local weather predictions, restaurants in the area, and traffic updates. Virtual assistants can provide personalized advice and support depending on the user’s present location by utilizing geolocation data.

Virtual assistants give consumers precise and current traffic information by using real-time location data. The virtual assistant helps customers travel more effectively and stress-free by providing information on traffic conditions, suggesting other routes, and estimating travel times, whether they are commuting or going to a certain destination.

Virtual assistants with location-based services integrated into them can help during emergencies. The virtual assistant can help accelerate response times by allowing users to call for help or start emergency calls. It can also give emergency services pertinent information, such as the user’s present location.

Natural Language Understanding

Virtual assistants have become more advanced due to developments in natural language understanding. They are now able to understand the subtleties of human language, determine intent, and extract relevant information from intricate queries. The virtual assistant becomes a genuine conversational companion due to these capabilities, which promote more natural and efficient communication.

Virtual assistant companies can grasp the intent behind user queries due to natural language understanding. These systems understand user requests properly by examining word structure and context rather than depending just on certain keywords. As a consequence, the user experience is improved overall, and responses become more accurate and relevant.

These days, users can ask a number of related questions or make requests within the same discussion in multi-turn dialogues, which virtual assistants can manage with ease. The user experience is made more engaging and effective by this fluid interaction, which enables users to investigate challenging topics, get follow-up information, and navigate through complicated conversations.

Multilingual Capabilities

Virtual assistants now handle numerous languages, removing language barriers and serving a wide range of individuals, realizing the global nature of communication. Virtual assistants aim to ensure a smooth experience, so language is never an obstacle to using their entire range of capabilities, regardless of your language proficiency—whether it’s English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other.

These days, smart virtual assistants can comprehend and interpret many languages within a single conversation. The virtual assistant, which has simultaneous multilingual comprehension, allows users to switch between languages with ease. For multilingual or bilingual users, this feature makes interactions easier and more natural.

Virtual assistants with multilingual abilities may easily fit in with a variety of cultural situations. Virtual assistants can promote cross-cultural understanding and communication by recognizing cultural events, comprehending regional traditions, and offering language-specific insights.

Continuous Learning and Updates

The ever-changing technological world necessitates that virtual assistants be innovative, responsive, and adaptable. The key elements that guarantee virtual assistants not only remain updated but also develop to satisfy customers’ ever-changing demands are frequent updates and ongoing learning. Virtual assistants become more capable, efficient, and enjoyable to use as a result of this continuous process of advancement, which establishes them as sophisticated and innovative virtual assistants.

Analyzing user behavior trends is part of ongoing learning. Virtual assistants closely monitor user behavior, including the kinds of questions users ask and their tastes. Virtual assistants may improve their responses, adjust to different users’ demands, and eventually offer more relevant and individualized help by getting to know user behavior.


Virtual assistants are becoming an indispensable part of our everyday lives, both personally and professionally, due to rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are in charge of managing work effectively, simplifying intricate procedures, and offering individualized experiences depending on user preferences.

Virtual assistants are revolutionizing not just how we engage with technology but also how we work, shop, and live due to their analytical, learning, and adaptable capabilities. They are present in a variety of areas of life, from managing processes and improving customer experiences in organizations to using smart devices to make laborious tasks in our homes easier.

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