Strategy and Procurement of
Cybersecurity Services,
Software, and Intelligence

Our team can evaluate your cybersecurity strategy, organization, vendors, and industry to develop a holistic approach to create both immediate and long-term improvements to your cybersecurity.

The Outsourcing Center understands the unique complexities of your institution and partner ecosystems. With our services, you’ll be able to enhance threat detection, vulnerability management, security incident response, regulatory compliance, and security awareness.

Technology has made many things possible, but it has also made things unsafe. As cyber-threats grow in numbers and sophistication, it becomes essential to turn to strategic sourcing to manage your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Solutions

The Outsourcing Center is committed to helping you create and maintain a resilient, safe, and trusted organization. Our cybersecurity strategic sourcing services:

  • Benchmark cybersecurity across your enterprise and ecosystem

  • Assess vulnerability and recommend remediation activities

  • Evaluate your current risk appetite and strategy

  • Create a roadmap for improvement

  • Evaluate your vendor relationships and develop recommendations

  • Manage a cybersecurity sourcing process to acquire industry-specific capabilities

  • Evaluate your third-party management, compliance, and board reporting


Our approach will enable the transformation of your cybersecurity operations. You’ll be able to turn your current security into a vigilant, agile operation that minimizes risks and protects your business.

Cybersecurity Strategic Sourcing

Cybersecurity strategic sourcing can be necessary due to shortage of resources and an increasing volume of threats. Your cybersecurity resilience will be impacted by your partner’s compliance with your policies, standards and protocols.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Safeguarding yourself against cyber-threats and nurturing trust with clients requires compliance with cybersecurity regulations. The Outsourcing Center will help you close gaps in regulatory requirements and meet best practices.

Cybersecurity Strategy

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, there is a need to reassess and re-orient your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. The Outsourcing Center benchmarks and assesses your capabilities and vulnerabilities with the latest relevant data, and helps you develop the most efficient roadmap suited to your business needs.

Cybersecurity Transformation

The Outsourcing Center is always up to date on the current best practices in the market. Our deep knowledge and talented professionals will help you successfully digitally transform with a cybersecurity operations & management model.

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