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Deciding to outsource or create an offshore captive is one of the most significant decisions you can make. Obtaining expert advice will save your time, speed up your project, and generate more excellent value.

Your company and situation are unique, and your solution should also be. Using the latest digital methods, we guide you to develop the proper scope, potential location, and configuration to maximize your objectives and reduce risk.
The Outsourcing Center leadership team has advised or directly led and supervised over $156 Billion of Outsourcing and Build Operate Transfer BOT transactions over the last 20 years.

Depending on your specific needs, we access the large providers (Accenture through NTT Data), 2,000 MSPs, or over 3,000 niche BPO firms. We make no assumptions and work with your team to engage the providers that best support your unique solution.

Our process allows your leadership team to focus on your day job. At the same time, we engage and guide you with the right amount of time spent with providers focusing on the solution you require.

Our team has developed hundreds of outsourcing relationships with a 100% success rate and client-owned captive offshore operations using a unique Build, Operate, and Transfer process.


The Outsourcing Center supports clients in transforming their companies through outsourcing programs or the creation of captive offshore shared services operations.

Headquartered in Dallas, the Outsourcing Center has provided insight and consulting services since 1997. Initially founded by the Everest Group, the Outsourcing Center was acquired by Ben Trowbridge as CEO of Alsbridge in 2010. The Outsourcing Center was relaunched in 2022 to focus on strategic sourcing and Building Operate Transfer operations to create client-owned captive centers. The Outsourcing Center leadership has advised over $100 billion in outsourcing transactions and supported 1,000s of clients.


Build, Operate Transfer



Improve Results with Intelligent Process Automation


Which Provider should I select to accelerate my transformation?

Business Operations

Reimagine business processes that can
rapidly evolve

Cost Optimization

The Strategic Approach to achieving the lowest cost of operations

Contact Center

Enabling extraordinary teams with technology and process improvement


Strategy and Procurement of Services, Software, and Intelligence


Enabling extraordinary improvements to your technology infrastructure


Enabling extraordinary improvements to your technology infrastructure

Private Equity

Enabling extraordinary improvements in your portfolio companies


The Outsourcing Center is committed to operating and making decisions based on sustainable development goals (SDG).

The SDGs provide a powerful tool for decision-making and partnering with all our stakeholders.

High priority SDGs for 
outsourcing operations:




Outsourcing Center executives have been involved in different facets of Outsourcing, strategic sourcing, and captive operations for over 30 years. We have advised in a wide range of client situations from high growth to cost containment. We have never had a single deal negotiated by the team result in an early termination for provider performance – a 100% success rate. We deploy teams designed to address your specific needs and the right solution and provider set.

About our

At the Outsourcing Center, we value people with passion, commitment, and insight that can help our clients achieve their goals. We are dedicated to balanced high-value relationships for all stakeholders. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional excellence and believe you are known by the deals you have created and work for a fair and sustainable outcome.

Our team is the best in the industry, with proven skills and expertise in a wide range of Outsourcing and Offshore captive skills. As an Outsourcing Center team member, we care about your journey and career. Our roles require you to be the best of the best with demonstrated expertise to guide our clients on their journey. If this does not fit your current description, we welcome you to come back when you have had a chance to build a broader and deeper set of expertise in transformational outsourcing and captive operations.

Please share your details on this form if you are seeking a challenge and believe you have the skills.

We are currently seeking team members who are India and US-based.

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