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Developing a cybersecurity operation often requires evaluating the current state, benchmarking against options to improve, and evaluating options to engage new cybersecurity services that can improve your cybersecurity maturity.

Our services include

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  • Strategy – Detailed analysis of your organization’s needs and requirements, ensuring a personalized and strategic approach to outsourcing or offshore captive operations
  • Assessments – Comprehensive sourcing as well as cybersecurity assessments, including evaluating areas such as optimal Technology, Outsourcing, and Cybersecurity frameworks, as well as the creation of offshore captives using our market-leading VPS-OT method
  • Provider Selection – Expert guidance as an offshore outsourcing consultant in selecting the right outsourcing partner or setting up an efficient offshore captive operation that aligns with your organization’s unique goals and objectives
  • Benchmarking – Access to industry-leading frameworks and benchmark data to inform your decision-making process and drive continuous improvement to allow for an effective transition of services to an outsourcing provider with the correct mix of IT security and cybersecurity oversight
  • Cybersecurity – Development and implementation of a robust, cybersecurity-driven managed services strategy to protect your organization’s valuable assets in an increasingly interconnected world

By entrusting the Outsourcing Center Cybersecurity Services with your outsourcing or offshore captive operation projects, you’re not merely investing in expert advice. You’re also ensuring that your organization remains agile, competitive, and secure in the rapidly evolving business landscape, fortified by the power of Generative AI. Partner with us, and together we’ll unlock new growth opportunities and drive success for your organization.


No other advisor can match our experience in outsourcing, cybersecurity, and offshore captives. The Outsourcing Center stands as the foremost Outsourcing Advisor and Cybersecurity Services Evaluator, delivering a spectrum of strategic advice across cybersecurity, outsourcing, and offshore captive solutions tailored to your company’s unique requirements. As trusted Outsourcing Advisors, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional cybersecurity managed services and expert cybersecurity advisory services. Our mission is to assist clients in revolutionizing their businesses through innovative outsourcing programs, captive offshore shared services operations, and the seamless integration of advanced technologies such as Generative AI and Machine Learning, ensuring agility, competitiveness, and security in the dynamic digital landscape.

Guided by the most experienced team of Cybersecurity and Managed Services professionals, with thousands of transactions and over $155B of contracts our unique focus spans a vast selection of over 4,000 cybersecurity providers, 4,000+ BPO Providers, and large Global Systems Integrators ranging from Accenture to NTT Data, offering a comprehensive range of Managed Services. By leveraging our unparalleled expertise and industry insights, we empower clients to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and managed services with confidence and ease, driving their digital transformation journey toward success.


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The Outsourcing Center is committed to operating and making decisions based on sustainable development goals (SDG).

The SDGs provide a powerful tool for decision-making and partnering with all our stakeholders.

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