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Cybersecurity and Maritime Port and Maritime Survey – Fortifying Our Nation’s Ports with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment

Outsourcing Center

Welcome to the Port and Maritime Cybersecurity Survey, an essential part of the Department of Homeland Security 2023 Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program (AEP). This survey distributed by the Outsourcing Center aims to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, analyze risks, and identify opportunities to enhance cybersecurity within the U.S. Port Supply Chain. This initiative is a …

Cybersecurity Oversight for Boards

Ben Trowbridge

Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for organizations across all industries. Boards of directors have a vital role in overseeing their organization’s cybersecurity posture, ensuring that the necessary measures are in place to protect sensitive data, maintain compliance, and mitigate cyber risks. Here are some guidelines for boards of directors to use as a guideline …

The Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity

Ben Trowbridge

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and reshaping the future of cybersecurity. New threats and vulnerabilities arise, compelling the cybersecurity industry to adapt and provide effective solutions to mitigate these risks. This article explores the top ten trends that are set to shape the future of the cybersecurity landscape in …

Expanding Regional Accounting Firms’ Offerings with Managed Cybersecurity Services

Ben Trowbridge

Based on my experience in leading the launch of EY’s Cybersecurity Managed Services business and helping dozens of managed services providers enter new service lines, I thought it might be helpful to share a few ideas on how a regional accounting firm can think about the steps required to launch a managed cybersecurity services business …

The Top 4 Key Competencies Required for a Consulting Firm to Excel at Managed Services

Ben Trowbridge

Consulting firms ranging from the Big 4 to Regional Firms looking to deliver Managed Services and establish strong long-term client relationships must adopt a fundamentally new set of behaviors across various marketing, sales, and operational delivery teams. This requires a nuanced approach to change management that should be viewed as an exciting journey in Managed …

Compliance and Cybersecurity Market Explode

Ben Trowbridge

Terror, anxiety, bewilderment, and even boredom. These are the range of emotions many executives feel when they sit down to discuss their organization’s cybersecurity and compliance strategies. Then the realities of their budget and competing priorities kick in, and often the result, even after a significant industry breach, is they give faint attention to meaningful …

How a Consulting Firm Builds a Successful Managed Services Practice

Ben Trowbridge

Consulting firms including Big4 and Regional Accounting firms have the amazing ability to frame a problem, develop a process, gather data, and develop a fact-based solution that can be a real boost for leadership teams that need an unbiased external perspective. However, when a consulting firm is asked to build a managed services practice, the …

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