How to Launch Successful HRO Initiatives Using Proven Processes by a BPO Innovator


HRO InitiativesHow can CPOs effectively make the right choices in selecting a solution that supports multiple geographies, languages, and aptly balance strategic big-picture directives with tactical resilience in prioritizing the new era customer-experience sentiment(s)? Furthermore, how can a BPO provider manage HR activities on a global scale without losing control in a multi-service environment?

The CRM Contact Center landscape is constantly changing and is pronounced by professionals who aptly adapt, react, and satisfy the most discriminating taste of the “consumer population”. HRO is the next revolution, making job descriptions obsolete and organizational structures more fluid and organic in benchmarking employee-to-results delivery success.

Learn about:

  • What is HRO? What is the industry definition and standard(s) for success?
  • How HRO (or SPi Hero) can deliver on its promise of innovation and resource delivery ‘globally’
  • Embracing the HRO change in 5 steps that pair a strategic big-picture mindset with tactical need fulfillment in satisfying everyday needs
  • Pace and patience… how can they exist cohesively in defining a winning solution for buyers, sellers, and customers alike

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