Paradise by the Dashboard Lights | White Paper


Paradise by the Dashboard LightsFast access to meaningful, real-time information is critical to running a successful business, but today’s CEO dashboards fall short. Most are generic, out-of-the-box solutions, created by vendors who don’t understand the companies’ businesses or the type of information each specific CEO really needs.

In a world where consumers can get personalized information pushed to their mobile devices, isn’t it time that company executives can get relevant information that ties directly to their business’ strategy and vision?

Now, they can.

Instead of generic, prepackaged solutions, CEO dashboards can be built upward, based on the individual CEO’s priorities. This approach ensures each tool provides a compelling fit with the individual business’ strategic position; automatically capturing the right data, converting this into comprehensible information and pushing this through to the appropriate decision-maker at the right time.

Because the dashboard’s data set is based on the individual company’s strategic priorities, it provides a clear view into what’s going on within the company and how performance maps to the individual objectives and KPIs. It also provides predictive analysis capabilities, enabling executives to perform “what if” scenarios to gage the impact of product launches or discontinuations, operational changes, acquisitions, headcount reductions and other actions. In short, it’s a dashboard designed for the speed of business, giving CEOs meaningful company data whenever they need it, and bringing new agility to the decision-making process.

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