Seven Success Factors for Outsourcing | White Paper

By Outsourcing Center, Karthik Nagendra, Business Writer

Completely new challenges in 2012 are surfacing. CIOs are being forced to consider Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Virtualization, and Social and Mobile technologies to deliver business value. Customers are changing. Gen X is being replaced by an information hungry, mobile Gen Y. With rapid change, demand for flexibility and the urgency of real-time needs, organizations are increasing their reliance on outsourcing.

It is also clear that outsourcing, which was once a way of augmenting low-cost staff and saving costs, is now a way of finding talent, deploying technology, meeting customer needs, working with partners to increase business velocity and lower operational costs. For those who have come late to the outsourcing party, this is a wonderful opportunity to understand the forces of globalization and embrace the phenomenon for efficiency and growth. Here are seven success factors to keep in mind.

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