Vision – Pilot – Scale –
Operate – Transfer

The Future of Transformation and Offshore

Vision-Pilot-Scale-Operate-Transfer (VPS-OT):

A Revolutionary Approach to Global Business Services (GBS) and Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

As you navigate the business landscape in search of a consulting partner to establish an offshore Global Business Services (GBS) or a Shared Services Center (SSC), envision a collaboration that transcends the ordinary. Picture a partnership that doesn’t merely assist you through the process, but pioneers innovative solutions and pathways alongside you, disrupting norms and unlocking extraordinary possibilities. Numerous organizations can accompany you on this journey; however, only a select few can ignite the sparks of genuine, lasting innovation. Together, let’s redefine your business potential and map out a transformative journey.

Vision – Pilot - Scale - Operate – TransferAn executive-focused approach, is designed to help your organization envision a new future and harness cutting-edge technologies to transform work processes. This methodology unlocks the full potential of Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and soon, Quantum Computing. The first three phases of VPS-OT concentrate on forging a unique vision for the organization, evaluating new technologies, implementing pilot programs, and orchestrating a highly coordinated process to scale the reimagined future state organization.

Vision: Co-Creating Your Future

Vision: Co-Creating Your Future
Our journey begins with an incisive understanding of your business. We work collaboratively with your team to identify opportunities for growth, leveraging the latest technologies to create a dynamic, transformative vision for your future operations. This initial phase involves meticulous discovery, thorough analysis, and an exploration of your organization’s potential — a collective venture into the realm of what’s possible.

Pilot, Prove, and Design
the New Operation

After defining the vision, we turn strategy into action. We deploy and test cutting-edge technologies within your operational landscape, with each pilot serving as a stepping-stone toward a broader vision. These pilots act as powerful proofs of concept that inform a comprehensive plan for global implementation, fostering overhauls in business processes, cost reduction, and initiation of transformation within your offshore captive operation.

Scale and Ramp up the
Transformed Operation

Capitalizing on the vision, state-of-the-art technologies, and the pilot phase’s proof of concept, we initiate the transition of your legacy business processes into the new, transformed operation, guided by a dedicated leadership team.

A Commitment to Excellence

The committed leadership team that is developed by the OC, ensures the stability of the centers while driving ongoing improvements, informed by annual vision updates and evaluations of emerging technologies. Necessary adjustments to human resource measurements and metrics are made to bolster the organization’s continued growth. This dedicated leadership team will assimilate into your roles if you choose to transfer or acquire the operations.


The seamless transition and transfer of operations to your control hinge on a unique set of metrics aligned with your business requirements and costs. These predetermined triggers and metrics are established prior to the scale and ramp-up of the program, guaranteeing a smooth handover to a fully self-contained offshore organization. Termination is free or predetermined, ensuring no surprises or hidden fees, unlike the traditional BOT model.

Throughout the VPS-OT process, you work hand in hand with our consulting and operations team to design HR systems and processes that align with your organizational goals. Together, we create a robust infrastructure that supports your evolving needs and drives long-term success.

Experience the transformative power of the VPS-OT methodology and catapult your organization into the future of operational excellence. Do not make the mistake of going the old-school commodity approach of BOT and allow the OC team to help your organization grow through VPS-OT. Embrace change and gear up for unrivaled growth and success.

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