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Research & Insight

Farmland Industries

Supplier Supplies Capital, Engineers to Save Energy and Money

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

Farmland Industries, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest co-op agribusiness cooperative in the U.S. In addition to the brand Farmland Foods, the company makes nitrogen- and phosphate-based fertilizers. Because the company uses a tremendous amount of natural gas, it has its own risk management operation. Its energy traders evaluate the price situation, working with various commodity traders, and then take futures positions in the natural gas commodity market.

EY and Farmland Sign Joint Venture. White Paper Download

Outsourcing Center, Staff Writer

The Historical Significance of Joint Ventures In an era where the business landscape is continually evolving, joint ventures have emerged as a pivotal strategy, especially when navigating the intricate corridors of IT outsourcing requires Outsourcing Contract innovation. These collaborations, reminiscent of historical partnerships like King Arthur and Merlin or Lewis and Clark, are more than …

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