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Research & Insight


Storage Solutions Go from Deadly Dull to Dynamic (No Kidding)

Outsourcing Center, Patti Putnicki, Business Writer

It’s hard to look at what’s happened to enterprise technology over the past few years and not feel a bit of an adrenaline rush. Cloud computing, mobility and data analytics are pretty sexy stuff—full of excitement, packed with benefits and changing the way we do darn near everything. While this triad of technological wonderment has …

How Changes in the Market Changed the Face of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

LEAN, green, and savings now are the mantras of IT buyers today, according to Richard Penn. Even IT pricing is experiencing a metamorphosis. Here’s what buyers and suppliers need to know in today’s brave new ITO world.

On-Demand Desktop Hardware and Software Support Simplifies Management and Cuts Costs for Peruvian Bank | Article

John Harney, Business Writer

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) faced problems with hardware and software refreshing. To complicate matters, the bank had also adopted desktop technology in an ad hoc manner from numerous vendors over many years. Subsidiaries located in different countries had different business cultures and adopted technology their way. Selecting HP’s Access on Demand helped the bank get a handle on its vast computer inventory.

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