Top 9 Innovation Trends in Outsourcing for 2015


Top 9 Innovation Trends in Outsourcing for 2015Robotics, Analytics or Multi-channel enagagement? This report explores the innovative practices businesses are implementing in their outsourcing agreements. It is based on 100 in-depth interviews with senior outsourcing buyers.

  • More than four fifths (83%) of buyers say they have experienced innovation in their outsourcing relationships
  • Nine in ten (92%) say their outsourcing partners want to drive further innovation
  • Three fifths (58%) report a culture of innovation in their company

Paul Morrison, Head of Outsourcing Innovation at Aecus, comments: “Aecus defines innovation as creating value by doing things differently. With tight budgets and new technologies offering up new ways of working, keeping buyers happy with the level of innovation they get from outsourcing has typically been a major challenge”.

“However today, relationships between outsourcing buyers and supplier are providing considerable grounds for optimism. Not only are leaders aware of the types of innovation actively being pursued by outsourcers, but they can see how these partnerships are already having an impact on business outcomes.”

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